LASIK surgery for high myopic astigmatism

“For the first few weeks after surgery I couldn’t stop looking around me in delight. I was amazed by the improvement to my vision and the difference that freedom from the hassle of glasses and contact lenses made. I can’t praise highly enough the friendly and professional approach of Mr Maurino and his staff.  At each step of the way they were looking out for my best interests; on the few occasions I had queries they were answered promptly and with authority. If you take your sight seriously you will want the best for your surgery, and I have no regrets about my choice.”
Andres S – London

Wavefront LASIK surgery for myopia

“The best recommendation I can say is that I would let Dr. Maurino operate on my son if and when his eyes need doing. He is professional and very thorough. I would not use anyone else. Superb back up to the point he asks you to text him how your eyes are 24 hours after…

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Wavefront LASIK for myopia

”I felt nervous about having wavefront surgery on both eyes as a long term contact lenses wearer but I was in the very capable care of Mr. Maurino who put my mind at ease. He was highly recommended to me as one of the best in his profession. The procedure was quick and painless with…

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LASIK for myopic astigmatism

“I have always been scared of anything coming to close to my eyes and, despite being seriously short sighted, I was always afraid of surgery.  I contacted Dr. Maurino still not convinced about the procedure, but his professionalism and humanity in explaining the technicalities and consequences of the treatment convinced me to face Lasik. Surgery…

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