Mr Maurino and his experienced team of optometrists are available via telephone and video consultation to patients.

This is available to both insured and self-paying patients. Private insurances now have specific codes to authorise remote consultation and we can help you with this.

Please contact Mr Maurino’s practice on 020 7566 2568/07900 916307 or email  to organise your telephone/ video appointment.

You can also book a video consultation by filling out the form below.

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COVID-19 info for our cornea transplant patients

Patients who have had corneal transplants may have received a letter from the NHS Blood and Transplant service regarding immunosuppression and increased risk from COVID-19. This letter was sent to all tissue recipients in the UK regardless of transplant type and has alarmed some patients.

To clarify this, patients who have had corneal transplants, and are only taking drops for this are not at increased risk of the Coronavirus infection. The NHS alert relates specifically to solid organ transplant recipients (kidney/lung/heart/liver) who will typically be on tablets to suppress their immune system to prevent organ rejection.

All corneal transplant patients should continue their usual regime of drops as prescribed by your doctor during this crisis period. Please take usual precautions to minimise the spread of COVID-19 by staying in and washing your hands regularly.

If you are one of Mr Maurino’s patients and have any concerns, please contact us.

Understand the risk and what you need to do

We urge you to regularly visit and read the NHS’s official and most up-to-date information about what you should do to protect yourself and others.

Together we can fight COVID-19. Be kind to each other and stay calm.

From Mr Maurino and his team.