Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correcting Toric implant

Very nervous before the cataract operation but the anticipation was much worse than actual op. where I felt nothing during the whole procedure. I was sedated but awake enough to see marvellous lights and colours throughout the op!
Left eye (where the cataract was worse) was done first. Had a toric lens inserted to correct astigmatism. Procedure was laser-assisted cataract surgery (what I believe is called femto-phako)
Within 24 hours of the op, and with a contact lens in my un-operated eye, I was at a party. 36 hours later I was on Hampstead Heath enjoying clear vision and great views!
One week later I was back at Moorfields for the second eye. Had opted for blended mono vision as I seemed to cope well with this as a contact lens wearer before cataracts. So, one eye has perfect distance vision and the other is slightly short sighted which means I can see both distance and near without using glasses. Only very occasionally do I use +1 reading glasses for small print.

So results seem to be exactly as predicted and after wearing contacts or glasses since I was 11 years old I now need neither. Thank you Mr Maurino and your team at Moorfields!

Ruth – Designer London