LASIK in one eye, LASEK in the other for high myopic astigmatism

I had lasek in one eye and lasik in the other eye treatments done 3 months ago.
I am really happy for the outcome of the treatment.
Mr Maurino and his team are simply great, professionals and friendly at the same time, everything was explained clearly and I’ve never felt push to go ahead with it.
My previous prescription was very high -8 myopia with 4.25 astigmatism on the left eye (LASEK) and -5 myopia with 3.75 of astigmatism on right eye (LASIK), now right eye is pretty much perfect, and the left one is left with only 0.75 of astigmatism, which no one would except such a great result as it came out.
After 3 months I do not need anymore refreshing drops.
Many thanks again
Davide M, chef London