Vincenzo Maurino together with the London Claremont Clinic leading the way on lens replacement surgery

Exciting to see the London Claremont Clinic appearing in the Daily Mail today, covering the pioneering lens implants that we are now providing our London vision correction patients. As one of the first eye centres in the world to offer this procedure, our treatment options for those with failing eyesight due to cataract is expanded...

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US opinion poll ranks vision loss as having greatest impact on daily life

A poll carried out by Research!America and the Alliance for Eye and Vision Research (AEVR) has found that many Americans across all ethnic groups describe vision loss as the “worst thing that could happen” to them, above loss of limbs, hearing, speech or memory. When asked about the potential consequences of sight loss, the top...

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Look after your lenses – or consider surgery?

Moorfields Eye Hospital recently reported that it has been seeing an increase in the number of patients with severe eye infections as a direct result of poor contact lens care. Sadly, an inevitable problem with contact lens use is the risk of infection when inserting or removing the lenses. In order to raise awareness of...

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Visian ICL versus LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is usually the treatment that patients request when visiting a consultant eye surgeon such as Mr Maurino for vision correction. However, although LASIK is a very good and effective treatment, it is not the only option for vision correction, and for some patients Visian ICL may represent a better alternative. What is...

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What causes Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a rare disorder where the cornea is thinned, leading to visual distortion. The exact cause is unknown, but there are several theories among experts, such as London eye surgeon Vincenzo Maurino. It is generally felt that there are three major elements that play a part in the development of keratoconus: genetics, the environment...

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