Only eyed Marfan patient having complex cataract surgery

I chose Mr Maurino after doing extensive research on the hospitals, surgeons and approaches to surgery. I also sought a second opinion about Mr Maurino’s proposed approach to the surgery and was reassured that he was proposing the surgery that is most likely to lead to a successful outcome.
 The whole experience from beginning to end was well organized and I was kept informed of what was happening at every stage. The procedure itself was calm and uneventful, and was completed in about 30 minutes under local anaesthetic. 
After some mild soreness and redness of the eye during the first couple of days, I noticed that my vision was improving every day. It continued to improve for the next month or so, then began to settle down. In a recent eye test, my result was 6/6 with correction.
I am once again able to enjoy seeing things with clarity and without glare. Colours are more vivid, objects look sharper, and subtle variations in shade and texture are easily seen. At a professional level, it is now much easier to work with computer screens at a comfortable distance using small fonts in any colour. Night driving, which I previously avoided due to the glare of lights from oncoming traffic, is now completely comfortable. All in all, I would say that the surgery has completely transformed my life in a very positive and enriching way.
I would you recommend Mr Maurino without hesitation for any complex surgery.
Farid S – Senior Accountant, London