Refractive Lens Exchange with Multifocal lens implant

It is now nearly one month since Mr Maurino performed small incision cataract surgery on both my eyes at Moorfields eye hospital. The reception at Moorfields was immaculate, very friendly and most efficient. The first operation was over in minutes, painless and I could see straightaway afterwards. Although I was in some trepidation prior to the first operation, I was positively looking forward to the next one a week later. To put the degree of discomfort into perspective, the worst bit has been putting the anti-inflammatory drops into my eyes for the past four weeks as they sting quite a lot. Well, that’s not much to complain about when you consider that I can scuba dive, ski, ride my motorbike and lots of other things without ever having to bother with glasses or contact lenses ever again – not even for reading!Vincenzo Maurino is a very nice man and very good at his job – and I can assure you, the reader, that I am not related to him. Thank you Vincenzo, I hope you will help many more patients over the years and for many more years to come.
David H – Retired, London