Femtosecond laser myopic LASIK

As perfect a service as I could ever have hoped for. My initial consultation with Dr Maurino was encouraging and informative. I felt I was in very safe hands and elected to proceed with the surgery right away, and the operation at Moorfields was arranged very quickly.

The operation itself was very well organised and went beautifully, and each of my follow-up appointments with Dr Maurino were great. I always felt well taken care of by him and all of his staff at both Moorfields and his Marylebone clinic.

Best decision I ever made – highly recommended.

Alex F, London

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Lens Replacement Surgery for extreme hyperopic astigmatism

After been turned down with a high street clinic it was suggested I contact Moorfields private patient department,so I looked into this on the internet  and obtained Mr Maurino contact. At the time my prescription was +9.00 with high astigmatism in both eyes and was wearing rigid contact lenses but also was wearing reading glasses on top of them as well. Mr Maurino she staff were extremely friendly and professional and Mr Maurino and his team in my mind are nothing short of miracle workers as due to the extremities of my case. The surgery was completely painless and only took about 20 minutes for each eye with a gap of 2 weeks between each eye in my case and the results were nothing short of fantastic.  I now don’t wear any glasses for driving and every day use and only have to wear a small prescription for reading in poor light if required. As you can imagine for someone who has depended on glasses or contact lenses all my life since I can remember this is life changing I will be forever grateful to Mr Maurino and his team and would recommend Mr Maurino to anyone who is even considering surgery.

Shaun M, London

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WF LASIK for myopic astigmatism

Worth the money as I felt in safe hands throughout, with exceptional communication and aftercare
Russell H, Banker, London

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Bilateral LASIK for myopia

Great treatment - hospital and surgeon were very clear and helpful and the pre-screening was very reassuring. There was more to the surgery from a surgeon's perspective than I initially expected (thinking everything was done with a machine) so I was happy I had gone with a clinic and surgeon of Mr. Maurino's standing. After-care excellent. Highly recommended.

Piran T, London

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No Touch LASEK vision correction surgery

Brilliant results from a very hi-tech and professional service carried out by Dr Maurino at Moorfields. His team made me feel totally at ease and comfortable from start to finish during and after your surgery. I would recommend to anyone thinking of having this done.
Nina O'S , London

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