LASIK after Visian ICL surgery

Had a Lasik wavefront procedure for middle aged long sightedness. Very happy with procedure and excellent outcome.
Vincenzo and all his team are delightful.
Was recommended to Moorfields by a colleague at work who pointed out for eyes it is worth getting the best and if in London thats Moorfields and Mr Maurino.
Chris E , London

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Bilateral Wavefront Advanced LASIK

Mr Maurino is at the top of his field. An expert and at the same time personable and importantly on time for all appointments. When trusting your eyes to someone, you should go to Mr Maurino at Moorfields.
Craig A Banker Channel Island and Gibraltar

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Presbyopia Lens Exchange with multifocal lenses

I have recently undergone treatment (Phako with implantable lens) on both eyes which was carried out by Mr Vincenzo Maurino. Having spent a long time researching consultants, I chose Mr Maurino based on his qualifications and CV and of course being with Moorfields Eye Hospital. This was one of the most important decisions I have ever had to make and I could not have had a better consultant. The treatment was a complete success – I can now read without glasses, see colours I did not know existed. Words cannot fully express the importance of eyesight and for me Mr Maurino has to be one of the MOST SKILFUL eye specialists in the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe. I am so deeply grateful to Mr Maurino for giving me back my “sight” – which has changed my life. I have already recommended Mr Maurino to others. He is the best.
Linda A , London

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LASIK in one eye, LASEK in the other for high myopic astigmatism

I had lasek in one eye and lasik in the other eye treatments done 3 months ago.
I am really happy for the outcome of the treatment.
Mr Maurino and his team are simply great, professionals and friendly at the same time, everything was explained clearly and I’ve never felt push to go ahead with it.
My previous prescription was very high -8 myopia with 4.25 astigmatism on the left eye (LASEK) and -5 myopia with 3.75 of astigmatism on right eye (LASIK), now right eye is pretty much perfect, and the left one is left with only 0.75 of astigmatism, which no one would except such a great result as it came out.
After 3 months I do not need anymore refreshing drops.
Many thanks again
Davide M, chef London

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No Touch LASEK for myopia

Very hard to fault and I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery. One of the few things these days where you can say the money was well spent.
Everything went exactly according to plan, and most importantly expectations and how things would go were explained in a realistic manner (and happened that way!).
Wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend a family member or friend to Dr Maurino.
Ben McD, Banker London

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