Laser eye surgery to be spectacles free

Like so many people who have had laser-eye surgery, I wish I had carried it out sooner. I carried out thorough research before choosing Vincenzo and went with him as he seemed to be the most qualified, with a professional website full of useful information about the procedure and testimonials from his previous customers. The entire process with Vincenzo and his team before, during and after the surgery has been simple and completely stress-free. I was extremely nervous before my surgery but I needn’t have been, as I experienced no pain and the team were able to keep me calm (thank you!). To this day, I am enjoying a glasses-free life with better-than 20/20 vision. Wish I didn’t wait 10 years to have it done now! It’s so nice to go on holiday and not worry about loosing your spectacles!
Betty A, Entrepreneur London

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Collagen Corneal CrossLinking to halt keratoconus progression

I had collagen cross-linking one month ago with Mr. V. Maurino and his team at Moorfields Eye Hospital. I had a really quick recovery and the whole process was less painful than I was expecting. The surgery was well explained by Mr. Maurino and he was always available to discuss any queries both before and after the operation. Aftercare was excellent and as a patient I felt that he is a doctor who cares a lot about his patients and he is always willing to provide help. He is so passionate, experienced but at the same time relaxed and makes you feel that everything will be fine at the end, something really important especially if you have to pass through a surgery process. I would like to thank Mr.Maurino for everything.
C P PhD student University College London

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LASIK for myopia

I had laser eye surgery three months ago, with fantastic results. The care and attention to detail by My Maurino and his team at Moorfields was excellent. After the initial consultation there was no pressure to go ahead with the surgery and the aftercare was excellent. Mr Maurino was available to discuss any queries pre and post-op and clearly answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Mr Maurino to anyone considering laser eye surgery (and I already have).
Emer H - University Student, London

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Only eyed Marfan patient having complex cataract surgery

I chose Mr Maurino after doing extensive research on the hospitals, surgeons and approaches to surgery. I also sought a second opinion about Mr Maurino's proposed approach to the surgery and was reassured that he was proposing the surgery that is most likely to lead to a successful outcome.
 The whole experience from beginning to end was well organized and I was kept informed of what was happening at every stage. The procedure itself was calm and uneventful, and was completed in about 30 minutes under local anaesthetic. 
After some mild soreness and redness of the eye during the first couple of days, I noticed that my vision was improving every day. It continued to improve for the next month or so, then began to settle down. In a recent eye test, my result was 6/6 with correction.
I am once again able to enjoy seeing things with clarity and without glare. Colours are more vivid, objects look sharper, and subtle variations in shade and texture are easily seen. At a professional level, it is now much easier to work with computer screens at a comfortable distance using small fonts in any colour. Night driving, which I previously avoided due to the glare of lights from oncoming traffic, is now completely comfortable. All in all, I would say that the surgery has completely transformed my life in a very positive and enriching way.
I would you recommend Mr Maurino without hesitation for any complex surgery.
Farid S - Senior Accountant, London

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Refractive Lens Exchange with Multifocal lens implant

It is now nearly one month since Mr Maurino performed small incision cataract surgery on both my eyes at Moorfields eye hospital. The reception at Moorfields was immaculate, very friendly and most efficient. The first operation was over in minutes, painless and I could see straightaway afterwards. Although I was in some trepidation prior to the first operation, I was positively looking forward to the next one a week later. To put the degree of discomfort into perspective, the worst bit has been putting the anti-inflammatory drops into my eyes for the past four weeks as they sting quite a lot. Well, that's not much to complain about when you consider that I can scuba dive, ski, ride my motorbike and lots of other things without ever having to bother with glasses or contact lenses ever again - not even for reading!Vincenzo Maurino is a very nice man and very good at his job - and I can assure you, the reader, that I am not related to him. Thank you Vincenzo, I hope you will help many more patients over the years and for many more years to come.
David H - Retired, London

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