Wavefront LASIK for myopia

Just recently had my 3 month post-op visit with Mr Maurino, the results are excellent (and were this way just 24 hours after my LASIK procedure). If you are having doubts about going ahead with this, choose Mr Maurino and his team for some exceptional service.
At my initial consultation meeting, I had every single aspect of the surgery explained; being a surgeon in training meant I probably had more questions than the usual patient, although Mr Maurino was transparent and extremely thorough at explaining all the benefits and possible complications of the the procedure. I was also given his personal mobile number and asked to contact him directly should I have any other concerns prior to going ahead.
The procedure itself was painless & took under 10 minutes. The next morning, I woke up able to see; at my first visit I already had 20/20 vision. Within 48 hours I was back at work on a night shift.
Three months on, I’m extremely pleased and after over 15 year of spectacle wear, I still cannot believe that such a relatively straightforward and pain free procedure has eliminated the need for my glasses.
Daniel G - Surgeon, London

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Visian Implantable Contact Lenses Surgery for high myopia

I had my ICL op at the end of May and I am extremely happy with the results. I went from about -14 in both eyes to 20/20 vision so the change was quite dramatic. It really is like having HD vision.
I think it’s probably one of the best things I’ve done so it’s definitely money well spent.
I would recommend anyone with severe myopia to have this surgery done, especially under the care of Mr Maurino. Mr Maurino was very helpful throughout the whole process and clearly explained any queries that I had regarding the surgery. He and is staff are a credited to their profession and i couldn’t praise them enough.
Thomas G - London

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Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correcting Toric implant

Very nervous before the cataract operation but the anticipation was much worse than actual op. where I felt nothing during the whole procedure. I was sedated but awake enough to see marvellous lights and colours throughout the op!
Left eye (where the cataract was worse) was done first. Had a toric lens inserted to correct astigmatism. Procedure was laser-assisted cataract surgery (what I believe is called femto-phako)
Within 24 hours of the op, and with a contact lens in my un-operated eye, I was at a party. 36 hours later I was on Hampstead Heath enjoying clear vision and great views!
One week later I was back at Moorfields for the second eye. Had opted for blended mono vision as I seemed to cope well with this as a contact lens wearer before cataracts. So, one eye has perfect distance vision and the other is slightly short sighted which means I can see both distance and near without using glasses. Only very occasionally do I use +1 reading glasses for small print.

So results seem to be exactly as predicted and after wearing contacts or glasses since I was 11 years old I now need neither. Thank you Mr Maurino and your team at Moorfields!

Ruth - Designer London

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Endothelial keratoplasty surgery

I had endothelial keratoplasty surgery with Mr Maurino following complicated cataract surgery elsewhere. I thought I had lost my sight but then I found out about Mr Maurino and went to London to see him.

He was incredibly confident and put me at ease immediately. I am so glad since now my eyesight is perfect again. Mr Maurino was always available and listened to all my concerns. The procedure was astonishing fast and I could see soon after. I would like to thank Mr Maurino for restoring the vision in my left eye. Together with his team and the anaesthetist who held my hand throughout the whole 40min. An excellent job Mr Maurino thank you for giving me back the gift of sight.

D H from Egypt


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Refractive Lens Exchange with Toric IOL

I have always had poor eyesight, but put off having surgery for many years because I wasn’t convinced it was safe. Four weeks ago I finally decided to take the plunge and have Refractive Surgery. But if I was going to have it done, it would have to be performed at Moorfields by Mr Maurino. That was probably the best decision I have ever made. I now have perfect vision.
R O'Dwyer, London

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