Treatment of Keratoconus


Keratoconus can be graded as in the modified table below according to the degree of severity.


The aim of keratoconus treatment are:

1. Stopping Progression: is achieved by Collagen Corneal Cross liking a relative simple procedure that is fully established and accepted to stop keratoconus progression in more than 90% of case. The real advantage of halting keratoconus progression is that no further intervention would be needed and is most beneficial when done early before the shape of the cornea is very abnormal.

2. Improving the vision: is achieved by specialised glasses in mild cases and as keratoconus progresses various types of contact lenses including rigid  lenses, hybrid soft or scleral lenses. Surgical options for visual improvement in keratoconus are multiple and include intrastromal ring implantation, Toric Implantable Contact Lens Surgery and in very advanced cases Femtosecond Laser Assisted Corneal Transplantation.

Mr Maurino is a specialist Consultant corneal surgery  and is able to advice on the best treatment for your keratoconus. Miss Lakhani and Mr Suri, both specialised optometrists and contact lens practitioners at Moorfields, work with Mr maurino and contact lenses consultations can be arranged with them when required. Your keratoconus will be in the best possible hands.