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What is Cataract
What are the symptoms of having cataracts in the eyes?
Who needs cataract surgery?
Am I suitable for cataract surgery?
When can cataract surgery be performed?
What is involved in the cataract surgery procedure?
Why is femtosecond laser technology important for cataract surgery?

Planning for cataract surgery and expected outcomes

What happens during the consultation appointment?
Do I need to prepare for a consultation?
How long does cataract surgery take?
Should I plan to take recovery time off work from cataract surgery?
What if I’m flying from abroad to have cataract surgery with Mr. Maurino?
Are there any limitations on activity after cataract surgery?
What is the healing process like after the surgery?
What results should I expect?
What are the complications and risks of cataract surgery?
What is a secondary cataract and how is it treated

Why choose Vincenzo Maurino as your consultant for cataract surgery?

Over 300,000 cataract and refractive lens exchange operations are performed annually in the UK alone.  Mr. Maurino has performed over 20,000 cataract and over 4,000 refractive surgical procedures in his professional career as an advanced eye surgeon for over 15 years.  He is Director of the Cataract Surgical Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital and also takes private patients.

Very nervous before the cataract operation but the anticipation was much worse than actual op. where I felt nothing during the whole procedure…results seem to be exactly as predicted….

– Ruth S, cataract surgery patient review Feb 2014.

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