Laser Vision Surgery

Women under laser for eye surgery

If you’re tired of wearing contact lenses or spectacles for short sight, long sight and/or astigmatism, laser eye surgery can be the correct answer.

Moorfields Eye Hospital performs over 4000 Laser Vision Correction procedure per year and has been doing Laser Vision Correction Surgery since 1990. Moorfields is one of the best eye hospital in the world and has built a reputation for excellence in eye care and eye surgery over  the last two hundred years.

First performed  over 30 years ago, laser eye surgery has evolved to become the most technologically advanced, popular and safest form of elective surgery in the world.

Technology advances in screening the cornea and the eyes have made possible to discern with unprecedented precision  between suitable and not suitable patients for laser vision correction. The advances in screening technology together with the advances in laser ablation capabilities are the main factors in the making of laser surgery safer and more predictable than ever. To date an estimated more than 30 million people worldwide have benefited from laser vision correction surgery.

Whilst laser eye surgery is now safer than ever, it is also important to understand that it is not for everyone. If you are unsuitable, other alternative treatments such as Visian ICL or Refractive Lens Exchange with multifocal lenses implantation may be a better option.

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Your Safety

The outcomes of laser eye surgery correction are incredibly good, however just as advancements in technology are important so is choosing an experienced surgeon who is able to ensure you are safe throughout your laser vision correction surgery, deal with any unexpected problems and advice you at best on alternative options if unsuitable .  Vincenzo Maurino has been a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital since 2002 and has a wealth of expertise and experience in laser vision correction. He is one of the few UK eye surgeons to be fellowship trained in Laser vision correction and to hold the Royal College of Ophthalmology of England Certificate of Completion of Training in Laser Vision Correction. He has performed more than thirty thousand eye operations in his career and his results are second to none. Mr Maurino is a Consultant with specialist expertise in cornea, lens and laser eye surgery. His expertise goes beyond and encompasses laser eye surgery being also a well-known expert of Visian implantable contact lens surgery, presbyopia lens exchange with multifocal lenses, cataract surgery with the latest femtosecond laser surgery, keratoconus treatment and lamellar laser corneal transplant Due to his experience and expertise  he is able to offer the widest choice of customised treatments to serve his patient best.

The surgery was well explained and Mr. Maurino was always available to discuss any queries both before and after the operation. The procedure itself is far less stressful than you imagine as is any discomfort you may feel afterwards.
  R.M. LASIK Patient 2014

 The Most Advanced Technology

Wavefront scanning of the human eye is used to guide the most sophisticated and customised laser treatmentOur laser vision correction  surgery is performed at the world renowned  Moorfields Eye Hospitalan international centre of excellence. We have access to state-of-the-art technology including the latest Schwind Amaris 750s excimer laser,  the  latest iFS IntraLase 150 femtosecond laser, the  VISX StarS4-IR excimer laser and now also the ZEISS VISUMAX Femtosecond laser. No other laser vision correction centre in UK has access to sushi  vast technology.

At Moorfields  we perform Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SmILE) laser surgery,  Advanced Bladeless Femtosecond Wavefront LASIK  and also TRANS-EPITHELIAL Wavefront LASEK (no touch LASEK). Learn more about SmILE, LASIK and No Touch LASEK



The only way to discover whether laser eye surgery is an appropriate solution for your short sight, long sight and/or astigmatism is to come to us for a consultation at our clinics located at  Moorfields Eye Hospital. The consultation will last around 1½ hours, and Mr Maurino’s team will perform a series of comprehensive eye tests specific to the laser eye surgery assessment process.

We think it’s important that all of our patients have the chance to meet their surgeon at the consultation, not just on the day of treatment. Mr Maurino will go through the results of your eye tests with you, and will advise you as to the treatment most appropriate for you. It’s your chance to ask questions so that you have all the information you need to make the decision whether or not to go ahead. It’s entirely up to you – there’s never any pressure from us.

Very hard to fault and I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery. One of the few things these days where you can say the money was well spent. Everything went exactly according to plan, and most importantly expectations and how things would go were explained in a realistic manner (and happened that way!). Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a family member or friend to Dr Maurino.
   B. McD.  TRANS-EPITHELIAL LASEK Patient 2014.