Am I Suitable for IOL Surgery?

The only way to establish whether IOL surgery is appropriate for you is at consultation, where we perform a series of comprehensive eye tests to assess suitability for treatment; we also ensure your eyes are healthy, and advise you fully on the benefits and risks of IOL surgery and your options.

What happens at consultation?

You should allow approximately 1½ hours for your consultation, since it entails the following:

  • Full ophthalmic assessment, including dilation of the eye, an eye pressure check and examination of the back of the eye (the retina).
  • Comprehensive eye test (known as refraction when needed – RLE patient).
  • Corneal Tomography three-dimensional scanning
  • Laser Biometry

The above diagnostic tests are carried out by Mr Maurino’s team, after which you will be seen by Mr Maurino, who will explain the results of the eye tests and discuss which of our range of treatments may be most appropriate to you. Note that all procedures are carried out by Mr Maurino himself and no-one else. Mr Maurino is a leading cataract and RLE surgeon and has performed to date more than 20,000 of those procedures.

Do I need to prepare for a consultation?

Yes – you should attend your initial consultation wearing an up-to-date spectacle prescription. Although we do not rely on this for choosing the artificial lens power to be implanted, this will make your assessment a little easier. Read this information as carefully as possible, and prepare a list of questions you may have, which we’ll discuss with you at the consultation.

Removal of contact lenses

Temporary changes in corneal shape are commonly associated with contact lens wear, so if you are a contact lens wearer, you should remove your contact lenses for a minimum of 3 days before your consultation if daily soft contact lenses are worn. If you wear gas permeable or hard lenses, you should discontinue those 2 weeks prior to your appointment with us. This will enable an accurate measurement of the corneal surface shape – important both in selecting your artificial lens and to exclude abnormalities in corneal shape that might influence the result of surgery. Once we have all measurements taken at the time of your consultation, artificial lenses can be ordered and we can set the dates for your surgery.