Refractive Lens Exchange FAQ

What is Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)?

Most commonly performed for patients above 50 years old that  need spectacles prescription for distance and/or reading, this procedure is exactly the same as cataract surgery but is done before cataracts form, when the lens begins to stiffen with age and causes presbyopia (the inability to read without glasses due to aging of the eyes).  The eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial one.  Since almost any level of long or short sight and astigmatism can be corrected, refractive lens exchange is commonly used as an alternative to laser eye treatment or other implant techniques.  In addition to experiencing freedom from or reduced dependence on reading glasses, these patients won’t develop cataracts later in life since a new lens is implanted.

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Why choose VM as surgeon?

Over 300,000 cataract and refractive lens exchange operations are performed annually in the UK alone.  Mr. Maurino has performed over 20,000 cataract and over 4,000 refractive surgical procedures in his professional career as an advanced eye surgeon for over 15 years.

Very nervous before the cataract operation but the anticipation was much worse than actual op. where I felt nothing during the whole procedure. I was…

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