Visian Implantable Contact Lens surgery for high myopia

Best decision of my life. My high prescription (-11) had remained constant for three years and I decided that I would look into eye surgery. I had worn glasses for 25 years and contacts for 20 years. I had never had an eye operation before and decided to research and choose the best eye surgeon I could find.
My consultation with Mr Maurino was very informative and following conversations with well respected medical professionals in London, who said he was brilliant and that they had even sent their own relatives to him for eye operations, I decided to go ahead. Laser was not suitable, so implantable contact lenses were the best choice for me.
Each eye was operated on a week apart and the operations were well-explained, smooth and straightforward. The results are fantastic – I can now read the smallest line on the chart and so no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses. I am so happy and so glad I had this operation, and it has absolutely changed and improved my life. Mr Maurino was definitely the best choice and the staff and hospital took great care of me.


Laura C, London